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Mending Clinic's RESTORE

An Advanced Outpatient Program for Adults

Freedom Reigns Counseling has teamed up with the Mending Clinic to help with their RESTORE program by providing their Equine Assisted Counseling Group Therapy.














Mending Clinic developed RESTORE as a four to six week advanced outpatient care program with an individualistic approach to assist adults in, developing coping skills to tackle daily challenges, restore health and happiness, fully equip people to get un-stuck, and assisting in transitions back into a healthy home life. As part of the RESTORE program groups will attend 1 on alternating weeks at Freedom Reigns Counseling.


RESTORE is designed for those who want the most out of their relationships and their lives, but are currently unable to move forward. Everyone has unique obstacles to growth, and that requires a specialized plan for each individual.


  • Group Therapy (4 days/week)

  • Medication Management by Dr. Diana Ghelber

  • Equine Assisted Counseling by Freedom Reigns Counseling

  • In-home Assessment

  • Individual Counseling

To get more information on RESTORE outpatient programs click HERE! Or you can contact The Mending Clinic at the number below:



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