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What Our Clients Have to Say

I recently had a male student who suffered from depression, anxiety, and anger issues.  I watched him flourish while at equine assisted therapy.  His grandmother would struggle to get him out of bed and ready for school every day of the week, except Thursdays—his equine assisted therapy day.  On these days he would be dressed and ready to go often before she would even be up herself.  Being at equine assisted therapy helped him work through so many internal issues that I had tried to help with throughout his elementary school years.  There is something about the relationship between the horse and the child that cannot be replicated in any other way.  He knew he had to be strong for his horse and that his horse was depending on him. 


KISD Counselor Testimonial



The first session, I sat on the front porch of the office with my husband and youngest son and watched my oldest son go out into the pasture with his new counselor and horse specialist.  They were meeting the horses and seeing if there was a particular horse that connected with our son.  I watched as they would take him up to horses to pet, but the horse continued to eat or walk away.  Then I watched him meet "Tony the Pony"...I thought it would be a normal meeting like the rest and it seemed to be until my son walked away and Tony followed.  I couldn't help but cry.  I had always heard of these programs and how a horse chooses their partner, but I never thought it was true.  I was proven wrong that day and my son had a new best friend. The sessions began once a week and our son quickly started making progress. I cannot thank you enough, you have completely changed our lives and saved our family.  A piece of our heart will always be there.


Client Parent

Thank you so much! I have no idea what happened, truly, but she's still hangin in there, happy and engaged.  I'm astounded by what your work provides and how it all works.  I believe the Lord surely works in mysterious ways.  I'm sure she was so excited that she was doing the "picture" without talking because we had just had a conversation in the car about why she's feeling embarrassed to talk - and then the first assignment is required with no talking...and the whole picture with the horse being in the right place - it was just crazy.  Incredible.  I gave your name and the name of your practice to our school as a place that has changed our lives.


Client Parent

“So lucky to have found this "best kept secret". It has done wonders for my daughter and I have gained a sense of "wellbeing" just by watching Lesli with her. I never knew horse therapy could be so therapeutic and to have a counselor who is so understanding and patient speaks volume. I would HIGHLY recommend Freedom Reigns to the world. My child and I love you Lesli!!”


Parent of child client

What an immense blessing to find Freedom Reigns in our hometown! Many thanks for offering your gifts and talents to help others find true freedom. Beautiful horses, beautiful ranch, and beautiful hearts!  


Parent of child

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